American Headway Starter Workbook


American Headway Starter Workbook

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  • Marca PORRÚA
  • Modelo 9780194729321
  • Año 2010
  • Autor Soars, John
  • Edición 2
  • Editorial Oxford University Press (Us)
  • Formato Rústico
  • Idiomas Francés
  • Páginas 90
  • Sinopsis American Headway is a multilevel series for adults and young adults who want to use American English both accurately and fluently. Grammar and vocabulary are taught and explained thoroughly, and all four language skills are developed systematically. American Headway combines the best of traditional methods with more recent approaches to make the learning of English stimulating, motivating, and effective.American Headway Starter can be used by true beginners. It provides a foundation in the structure of the language, gradually building students? understanding of the basic grammar, vocabulary, and functions of English.Key featuresSimple skills work, where all four skills are gradually introduced in manageable communicative activitiesUniversal topics selected from a wide variety of materialIn-depth treatment of grammar, with clear presentations, self-check exercises in the Grammar Spot, and detailed explanations in the Grammar Reference followed by extensive practice activitiesSystematic vocabulary syllabus, including dictionary training and work on systems such as collocationEveryday English section, which practices functional language and social situationsThis Workbook contains further consolidation exercises that review the grammatical input of the Student Book, vocabulary exercises, and a writing syllabus. An optional Workbook Cassette/CD is available for the Workbook.American Headway StarterStudent BookStudent Book AStudent Book BStudent Book Cassettes (2)Student Book CDs (2) WorkbookWorkbook Cassette Workbook CDTeacher?s Book (with Tests) Teacher?s Resource Book

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