Lighthouse 6 Students Book C/Cd

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Lighthouse 6 Students Book C/Cd


  • Modelo: 7506009805217
  • Año: 2015
  • Autor: Downie, Michael
  • Edición: 1
  • Editorial: Richmond Publishing/Santillana
  • Formato: Rústico
  • Idiomas: Francés
  • Marca: PORRÚA
  • Páginas: 120
  • Sinopsis: For centuries, lighthouses have guided ships in their travels and they continue to light the way in our modern world. Similarly, the six-level Lighthouse series aims to guide primary students through the sometimes-rough seas of their adventure in learning English. It seamlessly integrates modern language teaching practices with traditional classroom needs, helping students successfully navigate through reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar, to be able to use English in real life. Special features: Combines a structural grammatical-based program with a functional syllabus to promote communicative language use across the four skill areas. Provides ample opportunity for students to understand and use the language at their own pace. Offers frequent pair and group work activities to build students confidence and independence. Includes an easy-to-follow self-evaluation for students at the end of each unit. Offers a variety of dynamic materials and activities, including songs, chants, stickers, games, puzzles and craft projects. Even the homework is fun! Promotes universal values and celebrates cultural differences through a variety of colorful, in-class craft activities.
  • Hecho en: México

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