Little Sparks 3 Students Book Con Cd And Students Book Cutouts


Little Sparks 3 Students Book Con Cd And Students Book Cutouts

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  • Marca PORRÚA
  • Modelo 9786074262520
  • Año 2015
  • Autor Schabes, Hedy
  • Edición 1
  • Editorial Oxford University Press (Us)
  • Formato Rústico
  • Género Literario Filosofia y ciencia
  • Idiomas Francés
  • Páginas 127
  • Sinopsis Little Sparks is a three-level preschool series that will put a glow on the faces of preschoolers and teachers alike. Little Sparks presents vocabulary and structures through activities that children naturally love- singing songs, chanting and listening to stories, poems and nursery rhymes. It highlights the use of natural English and promotes children's skills in other areas of the curriculum, emphasizing physical development and hands-on projects as well as explicit work with phonics and values. Little Sparks encourages children to use their creativity and imagination at every turn. Preschoolers will fully embrace the start of their journey toward acquiring effective communication skills and fluency in English.

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