Richmond Dictionary Fully Ilustratation


Richmond Dictionary Fully Ilustratation

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  • Marca PORRÚA
  • Modelo 9789707394971
  • Año 2008
  • Autor Morris, Christopher G. (Ed.)
  • Edición 1
  • Editorial Richmond Publishing/Santillana
  • Formato Cartone
  • Idiomas Francés
  • Páginas 832
  • Sinopsis How can I find the word I want? The word you are looking up is called the headword or main entry. It?s in blue letters to make it stand out more. All the headwords in the dictionary are arranged in alphabetical order. If you?re not sure how a word is spelled, use the guide word at the top of each page to get as close to it as you can, then check the words around that section until you find it. If you still can?t find it, it may be a word that starts with a silent letter, which is one that you don?t sound when you say the word. The Spelling Guide below may help you find these words. Sometimes two or more headwords are spelled the same way, but the have different meanings. These are called homographs. These headwords are listed separately and have small numbers after them to show you they are different.

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